Andreas Eger

Institutsleitung Institute Krems Bioanalytics / Professor Department of Life Sciences

Prof.(FH) Priv. Doz. Mag. Dr. Andreas Eger - IMC Fachhochschule Krems

Prof.(FH) Priv. Doz. Mag. Dr. Andreas Eger

Institutsleitung Institute Krems Bioanalytics / Professor Department of Life Sciences
Institute Krems Bioanalytics

IMC Campus Krems
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  • Wirkstoffentwicklung
  • Organotypische Krankheitsmodelle
  • Bioanalytik und Biomarker
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  • [360]

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  • [553]

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  • [536]

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  • [498]

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  • [534]

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  • [533]

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