Sustainable universtiy - Group photo from Sustainability Day

Social and environmental responsibility

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems is committed to meeting its responsibilities to society and the environment.

So the sustainable use of resources is very important to us.

Sustainability: a priority in everything we do

By consciously promoting synergies between environmental, social and economic factors, IMC Krems is developing into an increasingly sustainable university.

We also pass on socially and environmentally responsible values to our students, and help them to build up a sense of respect for the environment and for sustainable approaches.

Committed to sustainability: the action we are taking

We see ourselves as a sustainable and socially responsible university. Read on for an insight into some of the environmental and sustainability management measures we have implemented.

A degree in sustainability

Become a sustainability expert on our Environmental and Sustainability Management master programme.

Social responsibility: an integral part of our degree programmes

We are gradually integrating sustainable thinking into all of our degree programmes. It already takes a central role in the programmes which have been designed or reviewed within the last five years.

Research into sustainable practices

We conduct research into evidence-based, sustainable solutions for companies and other organisations.

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Environmental protection

Facility management is an area in which environmental considerations are increasingly coming into play. We have managed to reduce our environmental footprint by using natural resources responsibly and employing the latest technology.

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Spotlight on social commitment

We also want to promote sustainable thinking within the local community. This is why sustainability-related topics are an important aspect of projects such as our Youth University and SeniorInnenUni.

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  • Steps we have already taken
  • Efficient operation of building control systems
  • Implementation of water-saving technology
  • Smart ventilation and heating systems
  • Ongoing switch to LED lighting in all buildings
  • Procurement of new electrical appliances with an energy rating of A or above
  • Controlled use of sun protection systems to maximise thermal energy utilisation
  • Use of intelligent lighting technology, e.g. electronic movement sensors

Small changes, big impact

The efficient use of resources such as electricity, heat, water and paper forms a cornerstone of the university’s sustainability strategy. We have been complying with the requirements of the ISO 14001 environmental management standard since 2012 to ensure a structured approach to continuously improving our environmental management system.

The action we have taken is already paying dividends: our events venue, the International Meeting Center in Wing G.1. of IMC Campus Krems, was awarded Green Meeting Location status in 2016.

Sustainable University - Students present on Sustainability Day

Sustainability Day at IMC Krems

The university has held its annual Sustainability Day since 2016 – an event dedicated to social responsibility and sustainable development.

The day is organised entirely by students and is aimed at all university employees, teaching staff and students, as well as members of the local community. The goal is to build bridges between different disciplines, increase awareness of sustainability-related issues, and ultimately encourage participants to adopt a sustainability-led mindset.

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Sustainable University - Group photo from Team Environment and Sustainability

Our environment and sustainability team

We have set up an environment and sustainability team to ensure that sustainable thinking becomes firmly established in all areas of our organisation. It is led by Sustainability Coordinator and Environmental Officer Roman Mesicek and his deputy Christine Taferner.

The university’s teaching and research staff, as well as the Facility Services, Marketing, Human Resource and Quality Management departments are all represented on the team. Members of other departments can also join the team as required.

The strategic direction is set by the core social and environmental responsibility strategy group, which is made up of the Managing Team and the sustainability coordinators.

Networks and memberships

Moving in new directions, playing an active part and promoting mutual learning are all important to us. This is why we work together with Austrian and international networks and organisations which vigorously promote environmental and sustainability management.

United Nations Global Compact

We have been part of the Austrian United Nations Global Compact network since 2012. The university is committed to implementing the initiative’s ten principles and takes an active role in shaping the network’s activities and defining its focuses.

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The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative promotes the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and lays down principles for sustainability in management-related education. We maintain regular contact with PRME members in Europe and the rest of the world, and have built up extensive relationships within the DACH Chapter, which comprises PRME signatories in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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We joined the leading Austrian corporate social responsibility network respACT in 2012. The platform contributes to sustainable, future-proof development in Austria by supporting its members with the implementation of socially responsible policies.

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Bildung durch Verantwortung

The Bildung durch Verantwortung network brings together over 30 higher education institutions. Its mission is to enhance the participation of students, lecturers and other university members in civil society.

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